Well People

When a makeup artist, dermatologist and an eco-conscious entrepreneur come together, you know you have a great product on your hands. With their natural makeup and beauty line, Well People is a brand that has prioritised quality cosmetics without the harsh chemicals.

Now, when most people hear of natural makeup, the shy away a little as uncomfortable memories of natural deodorant swim to the forefront. The question always is, will this product match up to the traditional beauty brands available in the market or do I have to give up quality along with the chemicals?

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Sun block

Waking up to sunrays streaming through the window is absolutely glorious. It brings on thoughts of a lazy brunch catching up with friends or an afternoon on the beach. As much as it is important for us to soak up those golden rays, too much of a good thing ends up being not so great for our skin.

That’s where sunscreen comes in; a way to enjoy those long summer days without suffering any of the consequences. As it turns out however, our beloved SPF might not be as safe as we think it is. It might not only be harming our health but may be negatively affecting marine life as well.

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In good foam

Foaming cleansers are incredibly satisfying. Their ability to indiscriminately strip off layers of makeup, dirt and even sunscreen is almost unmatched. And of course, there is the bubbles. They are just so much fun aren’t they? It’s so awesome when they squeeze out of the nozzle and form a fragrant cloud in your hand. Like I said, incredibly satisfying. But is it possible that foaming cleansers may be just a little too good at their job?

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Ecco Bella Foundation

Not your ordinary foundation

I am not one to put on a full face of makeup everyday. Not because I am against the idea but because all that foundation sitting on my face daily causes my skin to break out.

As I started searching for a product that would be kinder to my skin, I came across Ecco Bella, a brand that promises to be all that I am looking for and then some.

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Going vegan

What’s the deal with vegan makeup brushes?

When asked to choose between natural vs synthetic, the answer seems pretty obvious. Natural wins every time…well almost every time. At least that seems to be the case when it comes to makeup brushes.

The quality of makeup brushes is on the top of the list when it comes to getting makeup application right so it matters that we pick the right tools for the job.

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