Well People

When a makeup artist, dermatologist and an eco-conscious entrepreneur come together, you know you have a great product on your hands. With their natural makeup and beauty line, Well People is a brand that has prioritised quality cosmetics without the harsh chemicals.

Now, when most people hear of natural makeup, the shy away a little as uncomfortable memories of natural deodorant swim to the forefront. The question always is, will this product match up to the traditional beauty brands available in the market or do I have to give up quality along with the chemicals?

When it comes to ‘Well People’, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Their magic formula her is in the bringing together of three personalities, each very competent in their field. With a makeup artist on board, you know that issues of coverage, longevity of the makeup and functionality have been addressed. Then comes the cosmetic dermatologist to ensure that all products used are not only safe but beneficial to the skin. Their main base product is aloe which as we know, hydrates and heals the skin. More than that, it gives all their products a smooth finish, resulting in a polished look. The eco-minded entrepreneur then ensures that products line up with the ethos of the company which is products free from cruelty and harsh, artificial chemicals.

Well People focuses on minimal makeup which means that you end up with a clean, natural-looking palette. It might not be very ideal for those who may want a bolder look but if your thing is more understated makeup applications, then you should definitely give them a try. They even have a deal where you get 3 samples for $3.

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