In good foam

Foaming cleansers are incredibly satisfying. Their ability to indiscriminately strip off layers of makeup, dirt and even sunscreen is almost unmatched. And of course, there is the bubbles. They are just so much fun aren’t they? It’s so awesome when they squeeze out of the nozzle and form a fragrant cloud in your hand. Like I said, incredibly satisfying. But is it possible that foaming cleansers may be just a little too good at their job?

Cleansing your skin is a delicate balancing act. While you want to get rid of grime and makeup that has clung to your skin throughout the day, you aren’t looking to strip your skin of its natural oils. Unfortunately, a lot of the cleansers available do just that. Not only do they remove all the unwanted substances on your skin, they also eliminate your skin’s own moisturizing factors.

This happens because those great suds that we love so much are created using sulfates. The general rule is the more foamy a cleanser is, the more sulfates it contains. The product therefore ends up being rather harsh on the skin as it soaks up moisture and causes irritation to sensitive skin; the end result of which is often dry and dull skin.

Not all foaming cleansers are created equal though. Some have much gentler formulas. Brands like Go-To Skincare have gotten rid of the sulphate altogether. Their Properly Clean cleanser is a mousse cleanser meaning that you still get the foaming action but instead of using chemicals, they use a manual pump in their bottle to produce a gentle cloud of cleansing goodness. Garnier’s Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser and Minimo’s Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser are also great alternatives.

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