Going vegan

What’s the deal with vegan makeup brushes?

When asked to choose between natural vs synthetic, the answer seems pretty obvious. Natural wins every time…well almost every time. At least that seems to be the case when it comes to makeup brushes.

The quality of makeup brushes is on the top of the list when it comes to getting makeup application right so it matters that we pick the right tools for the job.

Most makeup brushes are made of animal hair. For those of us who may not be vegan, this isn’t really a big deal but maybe it should be. Although many of the cosmetic companies out there do their best to ensure that the animal hair they use is cruelty-free, a lot of the raw products are still sourced using inhuman means. Horse and goat hair is usually obtained from animals headed to the slaughterhouse while sable and mink hair come to us via the fur industry. Other animals like squirrels and weasels make their contribution after being hunted specifically to satisfy the makeup brush industry. To have animals killed just to be able to apply makeup seems like a bit much.

There are other benefits associated with using synthetic makeup brushes. These brushes are made using a material called taklon, which is a polyester fibre that feels like real hair. Even for the premium brushes, synthetic brushes are cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Because animal hair is irregular, natural brushes are harder to clean as they trap products, giving bacteria a chance to grow. You don’t have this problem with synthetic brushes which have even surfaces that are a breeze to clean. Added to that, nobody is going to be getting any allergic reactions from polyester so synthetic brushes are also better for sensitive skin.

Last but not least, taklon filaments are stronger than animal hair so your brushes will last longer giving you even more bang for our buck.

2 thoughts on “Going vegan

  1. Wow, I didn’t know most makeup brushes come from animal hair! Great post, I will definitely follow for future posts!

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